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Move Over ChatGPT! Here Are 5 AI Tools Loved By Teachers

Artificial Intelligence is inspiring educators all over the world.

I reached out to teachers on LinkedIn, X, and Facebook to find out which AI tools are having the most impact in classrooms. The overwhelming response is testament to how much educators are loving their new AI workmates. After exploring the first round of popular tools, let’s take a look at five more.

While many educators are using leading AI chatbots such as ChatGPT and Google Gemini, platforms designed specifically for educators and students are offering more specialized functionality.

Here are five more AI tools making waves in classrooms worldwide:

  • Magic School

  • Poe

  • Chat For Schools

  • Magic Media in Canva

  • Udio

With insights from educators who are leveraging their potential, let’s explore them in more detail.

Five AI Tools For Educators

MagicSchool is a generative AI platform designed to assist educators with various tasks such as lesson planning, writing assessments and creating individualized education plans. It offers over 60 tools to streamline various processes and aims to save teachers significant amounts of time each week. The platform also offers a suite of tools specifically designed for students to enhance their AI literacy and learning experience.

Heather Brown, a K-5 math interventionist and STEAM teacher in Illinois, shared her enthusiasm: "I love that MagicSchool has so much of the prompting built in to help students truly engage with AI. The variety of ways it can be used is also incredible, from rap battles to research assistants to math review and beyond! The guidance it gives to students before proceeding into using AI is also a great starting point for teachers to talk about AI in a factual, unbiased way."

I use MagicSchool's tools when leading sessions with students to help them create AI bots for their own personal use. I'm constantly amazed by how they innovate, developing bots for themselves to help with studying, career guidance and even sleep management.

🔗 Poe

Poe is a versatile AI tool that allows students to create personal chatbots and explore different AI models. It allows customization of chatbot behavior and responses, providing a more tailored and interactive experience.

Jason Gulya, a professor of English at Berkeley College uses Poe in his classroom: "I currently teach my students to use Poe. It helps them to create their own personal chatbots. When they use it, they start to realize that AI isn't magic, but a technology that allows them to build useful solutions around their own problems and interests."

I received a lot of replies mentioning this tool. Chat for Schools by Skill Struck is tailored for K-12 classrooms, allowing students to engage with AI chatbots. Teachers can create custom tutors, monitor chat history and control the AI's usage to prevent cheating and ensure appropriate interactions. The platform also integrates features like sentiment analysis and reading level adjustments to enhance the educational experience.

Devan Miller, a career and technical education teacher in Florida, praised Chat For Schools: "It allows me to create tutors for specific aspects of content that I would like my students to practice and learn while allowing me to monitor my students' queries. The management system also flags anything that could prove to be inappropriate for school. It's an amazing resource that I recommend be used by teachers!"

Magic Media, an app in the Canva platform, enables users to create images, graphics and videos from simple text prompts. Teachers can generate high-quality visual content without requiring extensive design skills. Users can further enhance their creations using Canva’s editing tools, which offer options for adding animations, transitions and other effects to make the final product more dynamic and engaging​.

Ainsley Messina, a technology integrator in New York City, shared her positive experience: "I love using Canva Magic Media tools with my 4th graders! These tools are fantastic for teaching students how AI can enhance photo editing and presentation creation. By using Magic Media, my students get an engaging introduction to the capabilities of AI, learning firsthand how it can be integrated into creative projects. It's also an excellent way to highlight the importance of detailed prompt writing, helping them understand how precise instructions can yield the best results. Overall, it's a fun and educational way to prepare them for the future of digital creativity."

Magic Media is just one of many AI tools in Canva. Educators can access these with a free premium account.

Udio is a new AI platform designed to generate custom music tracks based on user preferences. You simply type in what kind of song you would like, select the genre of music and wait around 1 minute for a unique 30 second song. Advanced features allow users to create full length songs, include their own lyrics and even generate a song from an audio input.

Pravin Kaipa, an education specialist at an elementary school in California, uses Udio with his special needs students: "My students and I love using Udio because we generate songs to help us memorize concepts or understand new ones, and we have created everything from mnemonics to remember the prime numbers under 10 to the differences between potential and kinetic energy. They also loved using it to create positive self-image theme songs that I play when they finish a big presentation."

Important Considerations For Educators

These five tools are just a few of the many platforms shared by educators around the world. To search for other AI platforms being used in education, many educators use the AI Educator Tools repository.

Before integrating any digital platform into your classroom, it is crucial to follow your organization's procedures regarding data protection. Always seek guidance from the people responsible for this in your school, college, or university.

The teachers I spoke to are saving many hours per week using tools such as the ones above. When integrated in a safe way, AI has the potential to transform the practices of any teacher.

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