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AI isn't on its way   its here.

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You won’t just learn how to use generative AI to transform your work.
You’ll feel like you can take on the future of education.


The promise of technology has failed to deliver in recent years. It's tempting to think that artificial intelligence will also fail to meet the hype. But what if AI changes everything?


In The AI Classroom, we uncover a manageable, transformative path to AI integration. We demonstrate that the AI world we live in isn't scary, it's bubbling with potential for education. And we reveal practical frameworks, tips and tools that will supercharge your AI journey.


What People Are Saying

The book is well organized and direct, full of history, types of Al, use cases, and discussions of unintended consequences. Thank you.

Charlie Fink


Forbes Columnist


This book is the AI bible for educators! Everything you need to know right now is in this amazing book.

James Fraser




Now there is a pedagogy-infused guide that explores the fundamental benefits and challenges of artificial intelligence in the classroom. Carefully curated examples demonstrating the interconnectedness of communication and social awareness unbox the vision for creating the future that serves the needs of learners.

Jenn Womble


FETC Conference Chair


This comprehensive guide is a great way to learn and understand all about the future of AI in the classroom. Covering everything you need to know.

Lee Parkinson, Mr P ICT


Teacher & Influencer


This book is packed full of insight, knowledge, stories, and ideas! It is evident from the beginning of this book that the authors are knowledgeable and passionate about Artificial Intelligence and it's purposeful use in education. You have to get this book!

Michael Fricano



This book is absolutely PACKED with resources, tools, and ideas for using AI in the classroom. There are tons of practical ideas. It's so well illustrated and has plenty for us to consider in education.

Matt Miller


Author & Teacher


The AI Classroom will empower educators to do the thinking while giving them the tools to let technology do the doing.

Nicolas Cole


Author & Influencer


This comprehensive guide offers invaluable insights and practical advice for educators and educational leaders who are looking to embrace the AI revolution in their teaching practices and curriculum development..

Priya Lakhani OBE


Founder, CENTURY

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