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The bit about AI that most educators miss


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Tinseltown is in a panic about artificial intelligence. 

Screenwriters, directors and the whole system see AI as the villain in a new blockbuster. 

See why in my latest video exploring the new AI video generator Sora and its implications for our world:

There's a twist.

This isn't just about movies. 

It's about what happens when your students have the power to create their own worlds, on demand.

The Old Way... That's Still Too Often the Present

Too many classrooms remain stuck. 

Textbooks and worksheets still dominate. 

One-size-fits-none explanations too often dampen curiosity rather than ignite it. 

Students are stuck with outdated examples, and true personalization remains elusive. 

It's no wonder that despite our best efforts, engagement can be a struggle.

The New Way: Your Students as Creators, Not Recipients

This isn't about robots replacing teachers. 

It's about kids becoming authors of their own learning. 


- History students reenacting the Roman Senate using AI-generated sets and characters.

- A personalised science explainer starring their favourite YouTuber, generated on the fly.

- Struggling readers generating a simplified Shakespeare play in their own words, to grasp the plot.

The Transformation: It's Not About the Tech, It's What We Do With It

AI will disrupt education. 

That's guaranteed. 

But how? 

Will students passively consume AI-made stuff, or will they be in the driver's seat? 

Will it overwhelm them with choices, or fuel a burst of creativity unlike anything we've seen? 

It's up to us.

What Should Teachers Do? Three Ideas to Get Started

1. Don't Panic, Experiment.

Play with AI tools like ChatGPT and the upcoming Sora. 

The point isn't to become an expert, it's to get a feel for the possibilities. 

It's a mindset change.

2. Redefine Original Work

How can AI prompt better writing, or new ways to show knowledge? 

Assessment will have to change.

3. Develop the Human Alongside the Tech:

AI-generated content raises a host of difficult questions. 

Help students develop their values and navigate the world with agency and responsibility? 

These conversations are vital.

The AI era is upon us whether we like it or not. 

The bit most educators miss is that their students will be able to do more than they can ever imagine.

The teachers who embrace this reality, who empower students rather than fight it, will shape the most exciting classrooms of tomorrow. 

Are you with them?


When you are ready.

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